by Flo Brown



Flo Brown's second release with Rendez Vous Records is a 4-track long fantasy journey to Cambodia. Inspired by both the music and the history of Cambodia, Flo Brown here also brings out the best in sixties revivalism. Featuring a large cast of instruments, a fully self-produced recording and lyrics that speak of a fractured semi-fictional adventure.


released June 30, 2017

Written, performed and produced by Flo Brown
Additional Musicians: Alan Anderson (percussions), Fanny Reydelet (vocals)




Rendez Vous Records Paris, France

Independent Record Label

We’re a group of creative friends fascinated by music, graphic design and many other art forms.

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Track Name: One Hundred Seventy Seven ( មួយរយចិតសិបប្រាំពីរនាក់ )
There's gonna be a tsunami
It's written on the walls of this city
And if you're looking for the answer
I tell you we can deliver

Secret societies, it's true
Forgotten knowledge, it's true
Ancient technologies, it's true
Everything is a lie

Don't need a good reason for burning your books
It's not a matter of opinions
You just can't afford to ask any questions
Gotta get myself away from here

It's just a matter of time before they find me
It's just a matter of time before they get to me
It's just a matter of time before they kill me

Well how do you think they did it ?
Landing a guy on the moon
They say seeing is believing
Well how do you know it's the truth ?

Illuminati, it's true
Sacred geometry, it's true
Whatever happened to Atlantis, it's true
Everything is a lie

We're building a new arcology
It's not a tale of superstition
We're just trying to make sense of the confusion
Gotta get myself away from here
Track Name: Brothel ( ផ្ទះបន )
In the light of constellation
That I've never faced
There's a time and there's a place
That leaves a trace along the mainline

And you can draw all your conclusions
By the way I treat you
In the dark-ness of the room
where I have found you

I keep on pulling you in / You know well I don't want to
I don't know where to begin / Why can't I keep my clothes on ?
When you're here and you've got me
Exactly where you want so please

On the first night that I met you at the brothel
And the lights were low
You hypnotised me, tantalised me with the motion
Of the slowest Apsara dance

But here's the thing that is rubbing me the wrong way
And you need to know
To understand that I can't stand the other men
Who get to see you when I'm not there

Tried to convince you to stay / But you never listen
You'll be the goddess I pray / You never get things done
Anyway, there ain't no promise that I can make

He pretends there's a way to justify it
I'll tie you to the bed until the morning
She expects him to be another darling
And you can hide it all with makeup

I can feel your dedication
When the whip comes down
And you moan, and you howl
And you don't fail to fulfil your obligations

You keep on building me up / Because you let me down
You kept it hidden in your smile / I couldn't make a sound
I had no reason to live / Don't say I gave you one
That is the way I wanna feel / Well you can't get it from me
Every time that you feel you're going to die
Track Name: Drowned At The Bottom Of Your Eyes ( លង់ទឹកស្លាប់ - នៅផ្នែកខាងក្រោមនៃភ្នែករបស់អ្នក )
I was sailing away in the wind
I was minding my own business
Then you came along and you proved to be
Stronger than expected

How I wish I had the forecast
I could have waited

Now I've drowned at the bottom of your eyes

I look to the sky, the sky is so far
I look to the sun, the sun is so far
I'm slowly sinking down
Don't miss me baby

Your love, like water, quickly
Gets inside of me

Now I've drowned at the bottom of your eyes
Track Name: Khmer Blues ( ក្រុមតោខៀវខ្មែរ )
I better look outside my window
Someone's calling my name
Take a moment in the sunrise
Before they take me away

Leave it behind, when no one else is around
Come out at night, don't wanna lose what I just found

Well I got so tired of the city
I'm a wanted man there
I've settled in a temple
I am pretending to pray

Tell me the truth, what no one else knows about
You're supposed to know, you must blind me with your light

I made friends with a monkey
It follows me everywhere
But when the priest came to help me
It ran right out my way

I got lectured by the old man
About man and god and law
He tied a bracelet to my ankle
I've been wearing it since then

It's my lucky charm, but I never got it to work
I'm stuck with it now, but I'm never gonna look back

I've said my lines, now I'm letting you reply
You can write it in a letter, before we say goodnight

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